Nurse warned she is ‘too skinny’ for boob job plans to double cup size anyway

A nurse deemed “too skinny” for a boob job by doctors is ignoring their advice and plans to nearly double her cup size.

Tara Jayne McConachy, 32, recently featured on Botched, where surgeons Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow warned her that she didn’t weigh enough to have larger breast implants.

The Melbourne woman estimates she weighs around 45kg and currently has 540 CCs of breast implant silicone.

However, Ms McConachy is dissatisfied with the size of her chest and wants to increase the implants by nearly double the amount, with 1,000 CCs.

She told the show: “Everything is tiny on me except for my tatas [breasts]… I’m on a quest for a bigger chest! I currently have 540 CCs [of breast implant silicone], and I’m just not happy with them at all.

“Basically, the part that I don’t like about them is that they’re not big enough.”

Surgery gave her confidence, she said, and she loved the attention her appearance got when she was out in public.

“I just thought getting plastic surgery and having bigger boobs, that’s going to be the wow factor and exactly what I need,” she said.

While the Australian had previously had much larger implants, she took them out because they gave her back problems.

The show’s surgeons, Dr Nassif and Dr Dubrow, threw her plans off course when they refused to operate on her due to her weight.

They also pointed out the current rippling in Ms McConachy’s breasts had been caused by her stretched skin, and explained this was likely to be amplified with larger implants, rather than smoothing it out, as she had hoped.

The surgeons told her that the skin around the top is very thin and if she gets more silicon implanted then it could be very damaging.

They insisted she would need to gain 10-15 percent of her body weight before they would consider operating on her.

A worried Dr Nassif told Botched that Tara shouldn’t just focus on her weight when she steps on the scales.

“I’m really concerned about Tara’s overall wellbeing.

“Not just as it relates to surgery, but she really needs to get both physically and mentally healthy,” he admitted.

At the end of the episode, Tara joked she was “off to eat some burgers” – but has since decided to disregard the surgeons’ advice.

“I’m definitely increasing my bust size again and getting multiple other surgeries,” Tara said.

“I’m just waiting for international travel to open up – I have so many plans.

“I found a doctor in Europe that will do everything on my surgery list.”